Welcome to a Prism Time website. This is dedicated to the collection of classic love stories by the manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.
This is a collection of manga short stories done by Takeuchi Naoko, from her debut in 1986 through her first work after the completion of Sailor Moon in 1997.

The collection includes:

Volume One
Tamaki, Saura, Mizuki. The time of transparent love for three girls who have meetings by chance... Naoko's three-part love serial finally appears in response to fervent requests. Love changes girls into adults. A one-part work is also included.

Gradation 1: Tamaki (Peppermint)
Gradation 2: Saura (Sunset)
Gradation 3: Mizuki (Moonglow)
Gomen ne Wednesday
Liner Notes

Volume Two
Prism Time. That is the sweet, painful, beautiful moments of loving girls. From the newest work, Rain Kiss, to the debut and wondrous first appearing work, it's volume 2 of the series gathering short stories of the jewels of love.

Rain Kiss
Yumemiru Rainy Button
Secret na Kataomoi
Love Call
Yume ja nai no ne

You can find the translations here:

Alex Glover's Translations